Ricardo Savini

Partner & Chief Executive Officer

Founder of 3R Petroleum, Savini served as CEO of this independent Brazilian oil company, from Aug./2019 to Jan./2023, and as member of the company’s Board of Directors until the Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 2020. Savini led the assembly of 3R Petroleum’s current portfolio, having priced all 9 asset acquisitions mostly from Petrobras. Savini led in 2019 the Company’s initial capitalization process through a private placement.

Subsequently, Savini led a successful IPO (going public) on B3 (Brazilian stock exchange), in 2020, and two supplementary capitalization processes (follow-ons), in 2021. In all the equity and debt capitalization processes, Savini led hundreds of meetings with banks and investment funds in Brazil, the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

In total, Savini structured enough capitalization to honor the payment commitment to Petrobras of around USD 2.2 billion (more than R$ 10 billion) in the acquisition of the portfolio with around 60 onshore and offshore oil & gas fields in Brazil, which present production of around of 45 thousand bpd.

In his executive management of 3R Petroleum, all technical and administrative processes were set up and a team of around 500 professionals was hired to work on land and sea in five Brazilian states. With operations since May 2020, safety was complete, with no fatal or disabling accidents.

Savini is a Brazilian Geologist, with 36 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, especially in Oilfield Production and Redevelopment. He has lived and worked in Brazil, Venezuela, the United States and Argentina, with experience in Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. He has worked in a variety of roles at Petrobras, PĂ©rez Companc, Georadar, Deloitte and 3R Petroleum.